After Chinese balloon, US military fighter jet shoots down ‘unknown object’ flying off Alaska coast

Days after destroying the Chinese “spy” balloon, a US navy fighter jet shot down an “unknown item” flying off the far off northern coast of Alaska on Friday, February 10. According to White House officials, the object turned into shot down on orders from President Joe Biden.

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated that the item was gunned down as it became flying at 40,000 feet, posing a extreme risk to the safety of civilian flights. Notably, non-public jets and schedule carriers can fly as excessive as 45,000 toes. Speaking approximately the item’s downing, President Biden said handiest that “it become a achievement.” The item, in line with Kirby, was approximately the scale of a small automobile, notably smaller than the massive suspected Chinese secret agent balloon that changed into shot down by Air Force fighter jets off the coast of South Carolina on February 4. According to reviews, the uncommon dual shootings in quick succession are being termed a end result of growing public strain on President Biden to take a harsh stance against China’s spying programme. However, there had been few reasons regarding the mysterious object that was shot down on Friday, and the White House outstanding among the 2 incidents. Officials couldn’t say if the latest item contained any surveillance system, in which it came from or what motive it had.

The Pentagon on Friday declined to provide a more specific description of the object, simplest announcing that U.S. Pilots who flew up to observe it determined it didn’t appear like manned. Officials stated the object turned into far smaller than final week’s balloon, did now not appear to be maneuverable and turned into journeying at a far lower altitude.

Kirby maintained that Biden, based on the advice of the Pentagon, believed it posed enough of a subject to shoot it out of the sky — mostly because of the capability danger to civilian aircraft. “We’re going to stay vigilant approximately our airspace,” Kirby said. “The president takes his responsibilities to shield our national safety pastimes as paramount.”

The president turned into briefed at the presence of the object Thursday nighttime after two fighter jets surveilled it.Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, Pentagon press secretary, advised reporters Friday that an F-22 fighter aircraft primarily based at Alaska’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson shot down the object the usage of an AIM-9X short-range air-to-air missile, the equal type used to take down the balloon almost a week ago.

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in a tweet Friday that he have been briefed and supported the choice. “Our army and intelligence offerings will constantly work together,” he stated.

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