Babylicious’ is a date film that Syra, Shahroz also want you to watch with family

Former couple Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari are gearing up for their on-display screen reunion in the approaching movie Babylicious. Despite their real-life separation, the duo’s expert collaboration has piqued a fair deal of interest.

Set to release on June 27, coinciding with Eidul Azha, Babylicious goals to captivate audiences with its heartwarming storyline. The Express Tribune spoke to Syra, Shahroz, and other cast members to get insights into the movie.

An in advance circulating clip showed Syra and Shahroz debating whether Babylicious is a date movie or a family film. In the video, Shahroz asserted that it’s a circle of relatives film, however contradicted himself all through the cutting-edge verbal exchange. “In the interview the day before today or someplace, I stated it’s a family movie. We’re harassed ourselves,” stated Syra. Shahroz then said, “Basically, we want that on the primary day of Eid, you go along with your circle of relatives, the second day you move on a date, and at the 0.33 day, you come back on my own. We need you to observe it thrice.”

The query changed into posed to Mohi Abro and Aadi Adeal Amjad as nicely, with a reference to Syra and Shahroz’s puzzlement. “This is a massive trouble,” said Mohi. Aadi, but, stated, “Sit with circle of relatives, cross on a date and watch it. It is a date film, but you can watch it with your circle of relatives. It will remind the older era approximately the love in their teens, and it might train children the which means of love.”

The venture has been in the works for several years. When asked about whether the customary feeling became that of alleviation or sorrow, Shahroz decisively said that he felt remedy. “[The project] was caught, COVID brought about many delays, and now we’re glad honestly,” said the Nand actor. “When we noticed the dubbing, I was pleasantly surprised. We’re quite nervous earlier than a release due to the fact a movie is some thing for which human beings spend money…There is continually that worry that the film must appearance appropriate, and we idea it regarded exact. Personally, I appreciated the film, so now I’m quite assured.”

Syra in addition delivered, “I think I am excited because I, for a piece thought that the movie may not be released…When I observed out we’re truely freeing it, I was extra excited. Yes, there is remedy that we’re sooner or later performed shooting for this, but additionally the pleasure of it’s eventually coming out.”

When asked approximately operating on the movie in spite of their separation, and the possibility of any destiny collaboration, a gentle interruption indicated that this became a no-cross place. Even so, after accumulating their thoughts following a pause, Syra said, “This is going beyond – I mean, for us, these are circle of relatives dynamics. We share a child and we keep it very healthful for her.” As she trailed off, Shahroz took over and stated, “I think where we’re status right now’s superb and really healthful. That healthy that we preserve saying is for our baby. And allow’s see where life takes us.”

Reflecting on the film itself, while asked about what is exclusive about the challenge, Syra spoke back, “You recognize, I suppose that places an excessive amount of strain on the venture itself. But I think standard, it’s the vibe of the film, even the characters in the movie, I think they’re very relatable, and whoever is supposed to be funny is humorous. It’s going to be a sense-excellent movie that people are going to head watch and have a laugh with.”

Shahroz highlighted, “As Pakistanis, we’re continuously looking to be happy with some thing in any form of enterprise. This is an industry as well. I don’t recognise if we call it an industry however it’s far. So I feel that whoever will move watch it will likely be happy with the fact that we made it – Pakistanis made it. It’s a pure Pakistani movie. It’s now not like one should feel forced that because it’s a Pakistani movie, we ought to feel pride – no, I am against that. If it’s good, guide it. We are a rustic going through turmoil. God willing, people will come out glad and proud.”

When requested approximately one purpose why the target market ought to watch the film, Shahroz stated, “If they need butterflies in their belly.” Syra shared that everyone has had a Babylicious segment of their lives, making it relatable. Shahroz then delivered, “Even if they’re not [in that phase], even supposing they want to take into account or reminisce a Babylicious phase that they went thru. It’s approximately your first love. I assume all of us want to revel in that all over again, or in case you’re going thru it, move and watch it again.”

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