Domenicali defends Formula One races in Qatar

Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali has defended the game’s presence in Qatar, telling AFP that the sport is an “accelerator for trade”.

The former Ferrari crew boss stated there’s no correlation with complaint this is overshadowing the construct-up to the soccer World Cup which starts every week on Sunday.”I’ve study things about FIFA and Qatar that don’t have anything to do with our state of affairs with Qatar,” he stated.

Governments and human rights corporations have pointed the spotlight at Qatar’s human rights’ file, most these days on Tuesday while a Qatari World Cup ambassador referred to as homosexuality a “damage inside the thoughts” in a German TV interview.

Domenicali, but, talking to AFP earlier than final week’s Mexican Grand Prix, insisted that the Qatar Grand Prix, which debuted in 2021 and returns to the time table in 2023 on a 10-12 months agreement after missing this year, has an area in the Formula One calendar.

“The (Losail) track has been there for 10 years,” he said in an apparent defence of Qatari interest in the game.

“We should have a completely critical technique. We test, whilst we go to a country, that the promoter respects sure points.

“If the promoter does no longer recognize them, there are clauses within the settlement which could give up straight away”.

Qatar is not the simplest venue on next season’s report-breaking 24-race calendar to elevate eyebrows with regards to human rights. Questions have also been added up about the rectitude of permitting Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan and China host races.

“We say the same issue whenever,” stated Domenicali who believes that Formula One can be a force for trade.

“We are a very open gadget. There are international locations that need to trade matters, and we assume that being there is a spotlight for things to alternate.

“We are operating with the United Nations. There is not any trouble, we’ve not anything to cover.

“It isn’t always my function to talk about politics but those nations need to change cultures which are heaps of years vintage. Do you watched it’s feasible from in the future to the next?

“Formula 1 is an accelerator for exchange.

“If we were not there, we’d talk less about those countries, it’d be extra bad.”

Domenicali also parried complaint of Formula One’s carbon footprint as the calendar expands.

The game is aiming to be carbon neutral with the aid of 2030 and Domenicali admits that it has “an crucial duty”.

“F1 can push for trade in a international framework,” he stated. “We will use sustainable fuel inside the destiny.

“We are a international championship so to head anywhere in the world we’ve got a carbon footprint.

“But we suppose that with sustainable gasoline, this could be solved. We have objectives and we think we may additionally attain them ahead of time.”

Domenicali, however, dominated out the chance that the game could ever pass a hundred consistent with cent electric.

“As part of our transport network, there are boats, planes, and they will in no way use overall electrification. So we’re going to use sustainable gasoline to have a extra impact.

“With all of the promoters, we have a programme of the use of renewable energy.

“On the music, we’ve the best-performing hybrid engines, the most efficient within the global.”

Domenicali advised that the growing global reputation of Formula One may see the already-bloated calendar increase even more.

“With 24 (races) we’re drawing close the limit however you may in no way say that it’s miles over,” he stated.

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