Gatta Kusthi Movie Review: This unemotional story of a manchild and his wife could have been less simplistic

Veera (Vishnu Vishal) is a manchild who wants a meek and obedient wife with fantastic lengthy hair. She should additionally be a simpleton. Somewhere in Kerala, there lives Keerthi (Aishwarya Lekshmi) who is the complete opposite. She is an aggressive wrestler, has were given quick hair, and is likewise English-savvy. Her elders assignment her as a semi-literate weakling with long hair to get her married off. Veera jumps with pleasure and marries her, simplest to recognize that she will be able to snatch away years of his cautiously-built picture of a gutsy younger man very quickly.

Writer-director Chella Ayyavu’s concept is not faulty. The off-the-wall premise should have produced a few virtually wacky humour and poignant drama inside the very last act. But ‘Gatta Kusthi’ seems to be a wrestling match – with the target market. There is a so-referred to as comedy that places up a fight with our sensibilities. The staleness of the frames, the lameness of the staging… The film choreographs chaos in a leisurely manner.

What is Veera? Is he a manchild who is too harmless to recognise that he’s taking note of fuddy-duddy uncles however isn’t always toxic himself? It appears that he desired a submissive spouse inside the first place due to the social affect of his booze pals. The pay-offs are unsatisfying because he undergoes an internal transformation in a snap.

Telugu actor Ajay plays the proprietor of a polluting manufacturing unit who exists exactly to make Vishnu Vishal’s person appearance ‘industrial hero type’. He roams the streets with henchmen inside the first 1/2 and has little position to play within the tale. There is not any looming feel of motion in spite of his criminal and additional-legal contention with Veera. What changed into the point of the man or woman, then? Shatru, any other Telugu actor, is a lecherous educate, whose entry warns us earlier as to the hackneyed nature of the climax.

Sometimes, in case you stroll into a fully-occupied men’s washroom, a person or the alternative goes to crack this done-to-dying comic story: “It’s houseful”. The comedy in ‘Gatta Kusthi’ is predictable like that comic story. And while the film isn’t always predictable, it frustrates you with its over-lovable or exaggerated tone.Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi show sincerity. Their performances might not percent a punch however they work. Karunas, Kaali Venkat and Munishkanth get to play superficially-written roles with stock elements. Justin Prabhakaran’s track isn’t always out of the ordinary.

Excellent wrestling suits are said to be onerous. This film is exhausting, too – for the viewer.

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