Irfan Junejo, Ducky Bhai have no hard feelings, urge blogs, media to stop creating fights

YouTubers Irfan Junejo and Ducky Bhai have waved the white flags and would love for his or her fans and the media to do the equal. The social media personalities have discovered that there is been a truce between them because they knew things would quickly blow out of proportion. Taking to his Instagram Stories, Irfan stated that for starters, he did no longer name or single out Ducky or Maaz [Safder] to explain why he turned into now not sharing enough content or the form of content that receives immediate viewership on YouTube.

“Open challenge! If those of you who got here right here thinking there may be some controversy going on due to the fact you saw a small snippet of me connected to Ducky and Maaz, then I mission you to ship me the element where I stated ‘Ducky aur Maaz apni households dikha ke views kamarae hain (Ducky and Maaz are using their families for views). If you are capable of do this, I will shut down my channel,” declared Irfan. He then reiterated and defined what he in reality said for context. “I had stated that a person is making vlogs with their households, a person with their motorcycles, someone with their phones and someone with their meals. The kind of content material that the audience is giving millions of views to is in front of all of us. I can not give the audience what it wants. I aired my complaint with the target audience, no longer the vloggers. We best press publish. The audience tells us what they want to see by means of attractive or no longer enticing.”

Irfan held that he knew matters might get messy, because of which he called Ducky at 2:00am to talk about what had befell. “Not the first-class time to message everyone, however I message Ducky remaining night time and cleared matters out with him. As for Maaz, he’s like my younger brother. He greets me with admire and I reciprocate the identical. So, for the affection of God, do no longer create such controversies and fights. You all will snigger and move on but human beings will get harm and the negativity will fester.”

Ducky additionally shared a video echoing comparable sentiments, except. He asked his audience to take matters lightly. “You men have stopped playing. Junejo and I cleared it all out final night. He would not have a problem with me, I don’t have a trouble with him. He didn’t take my call or even if he might have, I would not have had a problem with it. I advised him I’m simply having amusing on Twitter. I’m home making my content material and cash. Junejo’s home, making his content material and money. People who love to create fights also are creating wealth — they’re getting those clicks on their blogs and magazines. But what are you all doing? If you want to combat, as a minimum ensure you’re also getting some thing out of it.”

He delivered, “I’ve come to recognize that our human beings have nothing for leisure, that’s why wherever they see a fight occurring, they pull up their chairs with popcorns to observe.”

For the uninitiated

In the podcast, Irfan had said that he can’t make videos roping in his spouse or circle of relatives, even though a good way to get his channel traction. “YouTube does now not have a metric of paying a author for the time he invests in a video. I want to make a food documentary at the lives of folks who make the exceptional biryani in Karachi. To make that, regardless of the most simple work, it’ll take as a minimum weeks. My platform is also huge however even then, the video will not get greater than two hundred,000 views, compared to ‘Saying Yes to Wife for 24 hours’ films. I’m now not throwing shade at anybody or calling a creator terrible or desirable. I’m merely talking approximately what the audience prefers,” he had said.

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