It took me four years to realise that it wasn’t my fault that he abused me: Komal Rizvi on divorce

Earlier this week, singer Komal Rizvi regarded on Nadir Ali’s podcast and shared some harrowing details about the physical and intellectual abuse she suffered in her first marriage. The Jhooley Lal crooner found out that she changed into best 21 years old when she got married and knew little or no about drawing obstacles.

Upon being asked approximately what went incorrect in her married life, she said, “Look, a lady is advised from her very early life that you are going to have a lovable wedding ceremony and your husband will take care of you. That woman, particularly in our subculture, tries her best to save her marriage. That’s where I blame our society — it doesn’t educate our daughters what the line is. The line where no one, neglect your husband, no one can cross as it will bring about the loss of yourself-appreciate, self assurance and self-esteem. No one taught me this.”

She in addition delivered, “It took me 4 years to recognize that it isn’t my fault if he increases his hand at me or abuses me and performs mind video games as well. Mind video games like ‘It become your fault I hit you with a frying pan — why did you serve me cold food?’ Yes, that in reality passed off and I turned into so younger at the time, I could trust him. I used to think that maybe if I took care of him greater and strive harder in the courting to love him, he’ll be glad with me. But a person who increases his hand on someone — there’s nothing greater sick-mannered than that. I don’t even increase a hand on a dog, forget people.”

Rizvi also admitted that she had simplest one remorse from this annoying revel in. “I simplest have one regret and it is about wasting my top teens on someone who’s nevertheless on the equal intellectual and religious boom degrees as earlier than,” she concluded.

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