No animosity towards Pakistan: Sidharth Malhotra says Mission Majnu depicts ‘historic events’

Bollywood’s obsession with Pakistan and depicting false narratives keep as Sidharth Malhotra’s Mission Majnu releases on Netflix on Friday. The film, as per the actor, is “stimulated with the aid of genuine occasions”. However, one look at the trailer, and the viewer could odor propaganda from afar.

Mission Majnu goals to take you down memory lane whilst Pakistan and India were in a head-on competition to construct nuclear guns. However, with out revealing lots approximately India’s facet of history, the trailer is going on to reveal Pakistan conducting unauthorised nuclear sports.

However, Malhotra has now addressed stereotyping Pakistanis and India’s knack for making films on this side of the border. When requested if his individual in the movie facilitates perpetuate stereotypes of Pakistanis in Hindi movies, the actor told Film Companion, “We have consciously made an attempt within the writing that it is by no means to tackle a particular network. I recently did a film referred to as Shershaah, which is based on India and Pakistan, and the war that we had, which was documented.”He delivered, “Once you see the movie, consciously we by no means sincerely concentrated, barring maybe four scenes on the other side (Pakistan), it become in basic terms approximately this aspect (India) and this guy’s journey, (Army captain) captain Vikram Batra sacrificing his existence… So there is the equal conscious attempt (with Mission Majnu), and there may be no non-public animosity with every body, those are simply documented historic factors, which we can in no way get entire records of, so for that, you want to establish likely certain characters in an x quantity of time.”

The actor in addition replied about positive scenes within the trailer and brought, “And the photographs they’re regarding (from the trailer) are supposed to be tongue-in-cheek within the film. So, I assume it will be a truthful speak as soon as everyone sees the movie… It’s far by no means about a network or taking a dig, which digresses from the movie… a faith or a network is never an problem inside the movie.”

However, Malhotra’s Mission Majnu isn’t always Bollywood’s first try at wrongly depicting Pakistan and records. His Student of the Year co-megastar, Alia Bhatt, too, essayed a secret agent inside the 2018 film, Raazi. So, it was most effective herbal for lots to examine the two films and the actors’ roles in the projects.”It is in no way a terrible thing if human beings are trying to find a reference factor for a film. It (Raazi) is a superb movie. It would not experience adore it (the contrast) is such an alarming element,” the actor shared with the booklet. “Yes, the elements on the outer outer edge seeing the trailer would possibly appearance similar. It is in the same decade (the Nineteen Seventies), and has similar factors, but I assume the revel in is completely distinct.”

He added, “It is best truthful to speak to people after January 20 (Mission Majnu’s launch date), when they see the movie. I suppose it’s miles fair (the evaluation), and we will have a better verbal exchange while the movie is out and we should talk it. Comparison with a good movie is usually welcome, it is not a horrific issue in any respect.”

Talking approximately the movie set in the 1970s, Malhotra had earlier instructed PTI, “This is a film inspired through proper events. It’s about an important task that RAW did. It is more of a mystery than motion. This is the primary time I am playing a secret agent agent but it is not a James Bond character.”

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