Parliament condemns Islamophobic act

The joint sitting of parliament on Thursday unanimously surpassed a decision, urging the relevant worldwide companies and states to legislate and criminalise desecration of symbols of religions along with holy books, personalities, places of worship and followers.

The decision, which turned into moved via Parliamentary Affairs Minister Murtaza Javed Abbasi on behalf of all events in the residence, condemned the act of desecration of the Holy Quran outside a mosque in Sweden.

“This House believes in respecting all religions, beliefs and their holy books,” the decision said.

The House resolved that the international network have to take suitable measures for promoting interfaith concord to make certain that any act that hurt religious sentiments may by no means take vicinity within the future.

The joint sitting urged that suitable steps be taken by using Swedish government against the perpetrator(s) which include but no longer confined to felony movement.

The House also advised that incidents of Islamophobia be handled the same seriousness as hate in opposition to different religions.
This House recognizes and appreciates the convening of the OIC [Organisation of Islamic Cooperation] session for imparting a platform to compile hints and devise a collective destiny strategy to counter Islamophobia,” the resolution examine.

The lawmakers from both sides of the aisle condemned the desecration of Holy Quran in Sweden and referred to as for measures to avoid such abhorrent acts in future that insulted the sacred values of Muslims.

Speaking on a motion to discuss the scenario springing up out of desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden in the joint sitting, they stated Muslims throughout the globe have to forge team spirit and raise a joint voice to forestall the recurrence of such profane acts.

MNA Sahahuddin of MQM-P, at the same time as condemning the incident, said a mere declaration issued via the Swedish government became now not enough as the act turned into completed with the permission of the court.

He introduced that Islam preached peace, love, tolerance and tranquility.
Sahahuddin persisted that the fans of Islam did now not disrespect another faith or holy books.

He cautioned a copy of resolution should also be despatched to all Europeans international locations and Sweden.

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