Qes Ahmed issues statement after British model accused him of cheating with Aima Baig

Singer Aima Baig has found herself in hot waters after a British model accused her of dishonest together with her ex-boyfriend, Qes Ahmed while being engaged to actor Shahbaz Shigri.

The news of Ahmed and Baig’s alleged romance broke when Taloulah Mair took to Instagram and referred to as out the Pakistani singer for having an affair with her boyfriend. Mair’s principal Instagram account, which has now been disabled, shared how Ahmed had cheated on her multiple instances which include with Baig.”It changed into simply Aima Baig, the girl he become definitely dishonest on me with,” Mair shared on her Instagram story. “He’s [Ahmed] is honestly not a completely considerate man or woman, however I am. So, one of the first affords I ever offered him become a personalized Zippo. That turned into genuinely significant for me. Fast forward a few years and while he went to Dubai to satisfy Aima, they were staying collectively and she or he flew him out. They were having a splendid time and you recognize what turned into the gift he sold for her? A personalized Zippo,” Mair alleged.In another tale, Mair stated, “This will get plenty extra interest because this girl is pretty well-known in Pakistan or as Qes delicately put it at the same time as he was gloating about cheating on me, ‘One of the maximum famous women in Pakistan.'”She then went directly to proportion an apparent screenshot of her and Shigri’s chat. In the said screenshot, the actor shared that it is not an ‘smooth factor to consider that they [Ahmed and Baig] did not without a doubt cheat within the complete experience of the phrase.’ The screenshot further study Shigri allegedly requesting similarly screenshots. “I’d be extraordinarily grateful,” he had apparently written to Mair. “Better to understand now than to find out later.” He supposedly added, “On the turn side, I’d say – at some point, all we can honestly do, is pick whether or not or now not we are willing to push our very own limits and believe in those we adore (as wrong as they will be).”

Qes Ahmed troubles a statement

Ahmed, after Mair’s accusations, took to Instagram and shared his side of the story. “I’ve been made conscious that a girl from my beyond has been announcing some out-of-order matters about me. She’s accused me of stealing from her and is reaching out to people I realize with out context screenshots and fake information,” he wrote. “Earlier this 12 months, she did a very comparable element wherein she reached out to my customers with the equal tale. She then demanded I pay her 10,000 Euros and after lots frustration upon recommendation from my own family, I determine to pay it which will reap peace.”Ahmed went directly to accuse Mair and delivered, “This woman has not had a job ever. She’s lived off of sugar daddies for the last few years, even at the same time as we have been together.” He commented how Mair suffers from “excessive intellectual health troubles, that’s extremely sad.” Ahmed in addition shared, “She’s been via loads so it’s understandable, however, I cannot simply sit down and permit this nonsense to keep. She’s actually extorted me for 10,000 Euros, made extraordinarily racist feedback, cheated on me at some point of the connection and is accusing me of doing exactly all of the above to her.”

Accusing how Mair is presently unemployed and has spent the cash she had ‘gotten from Ahmed’, he penned, “I may not stand for it. I might not take legal motion at this factor till her intellectual fitness is classed.”In another Instagram story, Ahmed wrote, “To the ones asking why I stayed together with her [Mair] for see you later, the fact is I cherished her. I left out many crimson flags, just like the emotional abuse, the intense reactions, and the paranoia from her drug use. I felt empathetic up till now. I’m too sure what she wishes exactly because she hasn’t asked for money this time around. I actually have had studies with human beings with psychosis earlier than and her behaviour seems to show off it. If you sincerely care for her, I guess I’d urge you to not inspire her behaviour till a mental fitness team has visible to her.”

Both Shigri and Baig have no longer addressed the matter. The Express Tribune has reached out to Baig’s control for a declaration and is presently looking forward to a remark.

Baig showed break up with Shigri

Last week, the Coke Studio singer had showed that she and Shigri had parted ways after a year-lengthy engagement. “Yes, I will continually appreciate this man or woman for giving me a very good time,” Baig shared in a statement on social media. “Sometimes, sh*t happens for a cause. And to reply all your questions, yes we’ve got parted ways. But we are both doing appropriate and first-rate, so don’t worry.”The singer added, “I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and so I did. People can choose their methods of expressing their feelings, which outline who they are from the internal. That’s me telling the truth to absolutely everyone thinking if they’re or they’re not together. And the solution is, nope. Me and Shahbaz aren’t collectively anymore.” she had concluded her announcement with, “PS: No greater ‘feeling sorry texts’ please! We are doing simply high-quality.”

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