Raj & DK on being the king of content with shows like The Family Man, Farzi and more

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK might have been IT millionaires but selected to leave that international at the back of to attempt their luck at filmmaking. Be it movies like 99 (2009), Shor In The City (2011), Go Goa Gone (2013), Happy Ending (2014) and A Gentleman (2017) or indicates like The Family Man (2019) or Farzi (2023), they’ve usually been applauded for their unique approach. They’ve been acknowledged to combine a mixture of motion and humour in their merchandise and feature a dependancy of leaping genres in place of sticking to the attempted and the examined. In a candid interview, the director duo explains what makes them tick. What is it about the crime-mystery style which you like so much?

Raj: I don’t trust we got down to create crime thrillers. I don’t even understand if we think of them as crime thrillers. For us, it is absolutely greater approximately putting a lens on a positive segment of human beings, a certain landscape, or a positive situation or concept. For any of those, we’re just giving our tackle that difficulty or concept. If it ends up being a criminal offense or mystery, it’s miles that, I wager. We simply go together with it, and an automated sense of humour creeps in. But in any other case, it’s miles truely simply our take.

DK: If you look at the list of films we’ve carried out, you’ll note that we’ve constantly jumped genres, irrespective of how a hit the preceding one become. Like when we did a 99 it turned into a sure form of film. If you could call it against the law caper comedy, that’s what it became, after which jump to Shor In The City, which is a completely extreme, gritty drama. And simply while anybody became giving it good evaluations, we without delay jumped in and did a zombie comedy, Go Goa Gone. We’ve continually wanted to discover the whole thing as opposed to slot ourselves into what is operating.
Was Shahid Kapoor the obvious desire for Farzi?

DK: He was our first choice, with the most effective subject being, “Okay, he’s doing movies; will he do a chain?” Luckily for us, he’d known as us more than one years returned and asked, “Bro, do you have got a chain for me, I would really like to do a chain’ and we have been like, “Oh, absolutely?” And he become like, “Yeah, guy.” Any celebrity who desires to expose how excellent an actor he is or task himself as an actor could want to do a series, and that is wherein Shahid came in. He stated I would love to sink my teeth into a man or woman for eight episodes.

Fans are looking ahead to a Raj and DK secret agent universe due to this crossover that has taken place among The Family Man and Farzi. What do you’ve got to say about that?

Raj: It seems to be the issue, so even though we do it, it gained’t be regular. We nonetheless haven’t concept approximately it. We were just clearly happy that the TASC, the Srikant Tiwari group, is just down the lane from the CCFART group with Michael. We simply cherished the idea of that global and the way they’re working on various things and now they’ll start crossing paths. I assume we are still there; we are still happy and excited, just like the rest of the target market is. We are nevertheless in that region of taking part in the crossings for the two teams. We aren’t questioning, “Oh, permit me construct one.” It is not a plan; it’s miles falling organically, for this reason the excitement.

DK: It simply felt natural that these worlds would exist inside the equal Universe. If you have a look at the CCFART workplace and the TASC workplace, they are each situated in the equal area of town. To be truthful, that is the same vicinity in which all the government offices, proper from the IT workplace to the NCB, are all located, so it seems like a certain Universe there.
Did you anticipate Family Man to turn out to be this kind of large component?

Raj: You don’t clearly anticipate that. We knew it become an awesome display, we knew everybody changed into satisfied with internally. It’s an intricately woven story, like there is lots of detailing. So we notion it turned into going to be extra for a particular target market; it wasn’t going to be as huge. But the family angle changed into truely retaining it together. If you examine any undercover agent shows like National Security, Homeland, they don’t honestly have this own family component. And humour; you don’t see built-in humour in them; that is what worked. And for season two, we had been like, “We have accomplished it once, but are we able to do it twice now?” There is a curse on sequels, proper? Nothing works. But we have been oblivious due to the fact we were already shooting it, so the stress that we ought to write like this and tailor it changed into so top notch that we went all out.
DK: Now we are questioning Farzi is going to be lost in its shadows due to the fact anybody is going to measure it up to the gold popular they name Family Man. And I am like, “Oh my god, we’re going to be in the shadows of Family Man forever; we will’t make something else.” We always suppose of things like that. So Farzi become a truely candy achievement in that regard. It offers us self belief that we are able to make a totally different random display the next day and no longer be judged against whatever.

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