Samantha, Shaakuntalam and Success: The actress chats with Mayukh Majumdar

Thanks to the fulfillment of The Family Man, South celeb Samantha is now hot assets up North too. Mayukh Majumdar converses with the fiery actress on this distinctive interview.

Samantha began her expert movie career with Gautham Menon’s Telugu movie, Ye Maaya Chesave (2010). After cementing her call with crucial and commercial hits like Eega (2012), Neethaane En Ponvasantham (2012), Manam (2013), Theri (2016), A Aa (2016), Rangasthalam (2018), U Turn (2018), and Super Deluxe (2019) down South, she wowed the North Indian target audience together with her commanding overall performance in the collection The Family Man 2 (2021). She’s playing Shakuntala in the mythological drama Shaakuntalam, based totally on Kalidasa’s immortal poem of the equal call. A mythological film is a first for her and she’s looking forward to its launch. She had a brilliant time collaborating with ace fashion designer Neeta Lulla in this gown drama. Presenting excerpts from Samantha’s heart-to-heart conversation with Mayukh Majumdar, Content Strategist at Filmfare…

The second season of The Family Man premiered some time in the past but human beings are nevertheless speaking approximately it. Did you ever count on the type of reaction you’ve obtained for Raji?

I knew that I became doing some thing unique but I don’t think absolutely everyone expected it to blow up the way it did. Especially because, even before the show became launched, it wasn’t easy sailing, so I’m simply grateful for the very last end result.

Right from the start of your profession, you’ve skilled big fulfillment. Do you think that Raji has given you pan-Indian fulfillment?

Yes, I was surprised at the amount of affection and appreciation that came from the North. I’ve always worked in the South and I anticipated my fanatics to react to it however I was extremely pleased and humbled on the significant appreciation I’ve acquired from at some stage in the united states of america. It just conjures up me to paintings more difficult.

You’ve finished around eleven years in the film industry and we’ve noticed that you have been getting experimental with your movie alternatives…

(Laughs) I’ve usually been courageous however I’m best realising it over the last few years. It’s kind of come to be like an addiction to just push and push and push to do better and paintings more difficult. It’s like an adrenaline rush for me to do higher and challenge myself and show myself what I’m simply capable of.Shaakuntalam is one of our maximum cherished poems and also you’re gambling the lead function in this.

(Laughs) Oh my god! Okay no pressure, no pressure. I actually have usually liked choosing movies that are absolutely distinct from my preceding work. Shakuntalam is the intense opposite, the other facet of the spectrum from Raji. Every shot is perfect, every body is a painting. I needed to appearance the most stunning that I’ve ever seemed! So that stress changed into there. It turned into captivating. I’ve constantly been obsessed on mythology, length dramas, and this princess global. I genuinely cherished my dream position with Shaakuntalam. I’ve been a Disney fan all my existence and Shaakuntalam is the entirety I could have needed for. In some shots, I can’t believe that’s me… Actually, in a number of photographs I can’t consider it’s me! The crew has achieved any such amazing process from manufacturing design, costumes, lights, and make-up. I just had to expose up.

How did you method the individual – this girl who became born of an apsara and a sage…

With all my work, it’s not like I recognise what I’m going to do earlier than I do it. Even with The Family Man and Raji, I turned into soaking up what the director became telling me or what I become watching on line. I don’t determine what I’m going to do while they say ‘motion’. I never do that. At the equal time, after they are saying ‘cut’, in case you question me to relive the scene I can’t do it. For me, everything happens between ‘motion’ and ‘reduce’. But I do soak up whilst someone is narrating a script, watching them narrate it, looking Neeta Lulla speak about her costumes. I examine up on Shaakuntalam even though. (Laughs) I don’t know, something takes place when
the director calls ‘movement!’ But I did paintings on my physicality a lot for this movie, I suppose although the authentic Shakuntala didn’t definitely have six-percent abs but I did work lots on my physicality due to the fact there have been plenty of beautiful clothes that were being put on me and I wanted to be an appropriate model for them. I labored on myself to make sure the ones clothes looked precise on me. So I wasn’t concentrating on sucking in my belly and handing over my communicate. That became the primary cognizance – that I regarded relaxed in those clothes. It regularly occurs, whilst you show your midriff, you suck your belly in and deliver your speak and that looks extremely awkward on-display screen. I didn’t want that to take place. Once I went there, I dived right into the fairytale.

You’re working with Neeta Lulla for Shaakuntalam…

I’d sleep and wake up groggy and visit paintings. I’d make coffee for myself and then she’d put me in considered one of her appears and I’d immediately experience like a princess. I virtually didn’t must do some thing, she is so superb at her craft. She’s made such iconic seems within the beyond and it’s been such an honour to paintings together with her. With Shaakuntalam, her seems are so original, you’ll by no means see this appearance and suppose ‘okay, this has been completed earlier than’. I’m in awe of her. After so many years in the commercial enterprise, she nevertheless can pay interest to the smallest element. It’s some thing commendable. I’ve been in the industry for 10-11 years and on occasion I tend to take matters as a right. So I want to think, ‘ok allow me recognition on my acting and overlook approximately the appearance’. But she taught me to in no way ever surrender at the smallest detail.

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