Vulgarity, nudity, abuse need to stop: Salman Khan bats for censorship on OTT

Bollywood celeb Salman Khan has voiced his thoughts on the content material being produced for virtual platforms, creating a case for censorship on OTT to make sure that it’s far appropriate for all age organizations.

The actor argued that even kids and teens have get entry to to such content material, which is nothing short of vulgar, given the nudity and cussing, and that it have to be checked to make sure it’s miles suitable for all visitors.Salman also spoke out towards actors who carry out intimate scenes and expose themselves on screen, citing safety reasons and suggesting that it is not important to move sure barriers in India.

In latest years, many actors, which include Saif Ali Khan, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Shahid Kapoor, and Manoj Bajpayee, have made their debuts on digital structures and feature received vital approval for their performances. Salman, however, has no longer but ventured into the OTT world, which has end up more and more popular because of the decline in theatre attendance at some point of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Hindustan Times, Salman, while talking at a recent event, said, “I virtually suppose there should be censorship on the medium [OTT]. All this… vulgarity, nudity, cussing needs to stop. Kids as young as 15 or 16 can get admission to it. Would you like it in case your younger daughter watches it? I simply assume the content material on OTT needs to be checked. The purifier the content material, the higher it is going to be. It can even have a better viewership.”Speaking of artistes who ‘do it all’ on the display, Salman introduced, “You have done all of it – love making, kissing and exposing in scenes. And while you enter your constructing, your watchman has also watched your work. I simply don’t assume this is proper for protection reasons. We don’t want to do this… You don’t need to go the boundary. We live in India. It changed into manner an excessive amount of earlier than, in the end, it has been curbed. Now, humans have commenced operating on quite a few accurate and decent content material.”

Salman’s comments on censorship on digital media have sparked a debate approximately the want for regulation within the Indian film enterprise. While a few believe his perspectives, others argue that such regulation could stifle creative freedom and limit the scope of storytelling. Ultimately, it highlights the want to strike a balance between innovative expression and accountable content production.

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